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Kösedağ Group

KOSEDAG INC. which has been a market leader in the Turkish fencing industry since 1978, founded SİBERTEK in 1997 in order to integrate  perimeter security with electronic security systems. 

In 2010, SİBERTEK renewed its company strategy and focused on manufacturing access control systems such as road blockers and bollards. Today Sibertek's main aim is to produce high  quality and optimal solutions for access control systems. 

With its synergic new structure SİBERTEK offers the latest technologic solutions which minimizes the human factor and aims to serve the highest levevl of security without compromising from quality. 


SIBERTEK Electronic Security and Automation Systems Inc. established in 1997 as a sister company of KOSEDAG INC., for the purpose of combining primeter security with electronic security and provide solutions together.
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