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RAINBOW D.C. BARRIER, GENIUS 's an excellent option offered by the sector.
Quite suitable for intensive use.

The highest quality materials are use in production.

Engine Removal Mechanism of waste is placed externally on the body.

The control unit has been maintained under the top cover; rotation mechanism
installation provides great convenience and safety thanks.

Anti-crushing system.

With a choice of the appropriate length of the arm deceleration healthy operation.

Lighting on both sides of the body is placed in the available channels with the

classical concept of hazard warning lights are eliminated.

Original Arm option, available as an option on the arm Lighting.

Hinge Arm Attachment works perfectly, creates an ideal solution for a busy parking lots off running.

Available as an option, dry-type batteries, power outages will work.



Power Input 230V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz

Motor 24V dc 24V dc 24V dc

Motor Power 280 W 280 W 480 W

Max. 140Nm Torque 155 Nm 370 Nm

Opening-Closing Speed ​​3.4 sec. + Delay 5 sec. + Deceleration 7 sec. + Deceleration

Maximum Net Sleeve Length 3 Meter / 5 Meter / 7 m /

ORIGINAL SLEEVE Net Net Arm Length Arm Length Arm Length Net
Maximum Net Sleeve Length 4 meters / 6 feet /

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