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Product Details;

SBR 1WS is designed for VIP entrances, disable entrances and product entrances in luxury buildings. The products are manufactured as stainless steel. They are available to use indoors and outdoors. Special warning signs can be used on the Plexiglas. It operates with 220-110 VAC / 24-12 VDC. The power supply of the system is 24 volts because of safety applications. The electronic lock system operates with 12 V DC motor. To open the system, it needs to push the U pipe and it closes itself with the help of the sprung. Also there is emergency use in the system. The system has various options of;

One way sprung - SBR 1WS

Two ways sprung - SBR 2WS

One way with lock - SBR 1WL

Two ways with lock - SBR 2WL

One way with electronic lock - SBR 1WE

Two ways with electronic lock - SBR 2WE



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