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License Plate Recognition System

License Plate Recognition System, the camera on the license plate of the vehicle images are separated, the characters on the plate in a variety of image processing (OCR) is the process of reading methods. IP and Analog cameras, and a system that can work on images taken at different resolutions.
Safety projects (MOBESE - CSMS) and the private sphere of their different applications, application-specific algorithms and a system created by bringing together hardware structure. In recent years, studies of science and technology with the development of high-resolution cameras with License Plate Recognition Systems have become more widely used.

Algorithms for License Plate Recognition System
Determination of the place of 1.Plaka
Appropriate re-positioning and dimensioning of the next algorithms 2.Plakanın
3.Parlaklık, image properties such as contrast normalization
4.Karakter characters in the image with the removal of the separation
5.Optik character recognition
6.Ülkeye specific syntax and geometric checks

License Plate Recognition System Application Areas
ü   Input & Output Ports Highway cities
ü   Bridges and Desks
ü   border gates
ü   Highway Control Points
ü   car parks (Fee, subscription)
ü   Housing Sites
ü   Nizamiyeler
ü   Stores and Warehouses
ü   Universities
ü   Hotels
ü   Scales
ü   Factories and Industrial Plants
ü   Bus Terminal and Terminals
ü   Weather Areas
ü   Schools
ü   Shopping Malls
ü   Picnic Areas
ü   needed transition of Controlled Car Guide

Parking bariyerinizin and plain your doorstep, Bollards and Road Blocker Would you like to open your system by seeing the car number plate? "Sibertek PTS" card, remote control, ETC device, labels, and so on. products does not need to have your vehicle's plate is sufficient for automatic opening of bariyerinizin ...
"Sibertek PTS" works without the cost of operating for at least 10 years otoparkınıza plate-date-time images of vehicles entering the database along with the amount of information and reports at any time gives the picture.

Benefits of License Plate Recognition System
For motorways;
• City of inputs and outputs to be kept under control, city safety
• Stolen vehicle tracking and questioning of, or sought
• highways vehicle density measurements
• analysis of strategic transport highways
• the establishment of an intelligent traffic systems
• Traffic regulations
• Determination of transport vehicles between two points, the information transferred to clipboard
Controlled Access Points for;
• Input - Output / standby / times, reduces the
• Traffic congestion prevents the
• Inputs and outputs ensures the safety of
• Input cards, vehicle tags, remote controls, etc. eliminates user needs
• Operating costs nothing
• If necessary, a similar barrier and can be integrated with access control systems
• For vehicles registered or authorized to switch automatically activates the barrier
• For vehicles not registered or deprived of the authority to pass the barrier is not activated, an audible and visual alarm is generated if desired
• Parking control, density measurements
• Operator intervention to prevent
"Sibertek PTS" means not only recognizing license plates, if desired, the vehicle is able to identify the brand and colors.

License Plate Recognition System Features
• 100% of domestic production
• 95% - 98% recognition rate
• 7-15 millisecond time identification of
• 200 km / h speeding vehicle license plate recognition
• CSMS (MOBESE) projects in full compliance with
• Square, rectangular, read the official plates
• recognition of all Latin plates
• Optionally, the car make and color recognition
• to work day and night in different lighting conditions
• Automatic recording of license plates (Plate, Date, Time and Route)
• Register as a picture of the plates querying and reporting
• User authentication and remote management
• TNP-POLNET and local database automatically interrogation
• Automatic barrier triggering and control
• Automatic receipt and label printing
• Parking fees automation
• Permitted and subscribe to provide automated migration tools and vehicle counting
• the acquisition of information about the use of the cars parking space
• Full compliance with red light violation detection system
• Full compliance with speed violation detection system
• Any data base integration
• Easy to install and easy to use interface
• All otomasyonlara sending and receiving information
• The vehicle identification plate in the installation of mobile
• Functions can be developed according to the requirements
• Compatible with analog and IP cameras

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